Why Rock Climb? – 8 Reasons Why You Should Try Climbing

Climbing, in general, is considered to be one of the scariest sports ever invented due to our common fear of heights. That’s why many of us didn’t even think about trying it because we are afraid of falling from the top of a steep or a boulder. In this article, we will show you why rock climbing is good for you, so stay with us!

1. Climbing is a great way to grow muscles

Climbers are looking great when they take off their shirts, due to the low-fat percentage and visible upper body muscles. This sport is going to improve your stamina but you should think of it as strength training, which is considered to be the fastest in terms of growing muscles.

why rock climb
Why rock climb?

Climbers tend to have strong forearms, back, shoulders, and biceps. Climbing overall is a sport where you train mostly your upper body, so if you tend to skip “leg day” whenever you are in the gym, that sport can be great for you. If you want to get some muscles and do something that is not boring then you should try climbing.

2. An ideal sport to overcome your fears

Have you ever felt scared of falling, like when you were a small kid on the top of the mountain with your parents? Those memories can make you feel afraid of heights even now when you are older.

You have to know that something like “bouldering” exists, and that’s a sport almost identical to climbing, but without any belts and ropes because you will be climbing only about 15 feet tall on indoor walls. There are mattresses called crash pads to help you jump from to top of the wall. That way you can easily and slowly overcome your fear of falling.

3. The feeling of accomplishment

If you ever felt the need to accomplish something that is important to you, then during your climbing journey you will feel that event too often. When you struggle for days to climb that difficult route that you have picked for your goal, then finally making it will make you the happiest person in the entire world.

4. Bouldering is cheap to start

Bouldering is a special type of climbing when you are climbing mostly indoors with crash pads to prevent you from injuries and for that you don’t need to spend much money, to begin with. Climbing on the other hand can be expensive, and for a full climbing gear you can pay even more than 1000$ USD, but in bouldering, you can start with 50$ USD.

If you don’t believe then check out for yourself our new article about “Is bouldering expensive” and see for yourself if you can afford that. Especially if you are at the beginning of your climbing journey.

5. A fun way to spend time with your friends

Climbing routes are called “Problems” and those problems are meant to be solved with your body. You can think of it as a puzzle to solve, and we all know that those types of games are fun to enjoy with our friends, so ask them to come along and try bouldering or climbing with you.

Bouldering is a fun way to spend time

Climbing can also be very competitive, and that can lead to improving your climbing skills overall because you want to be better than your friends, which will speed up the process, and will let you see the results way faster.

6. The climbing community is great

Climbers are so nice to each other, if you have ever been to the bouldering gym before, then you know that many climbers are willing to help you improve your climbing skills.

Climbers need to take a rest between each attempt to climb and while doing that they are helping each other to solve or show some tips for a specific problem.

7. Spending time outside in nature

If you are a person who always talks about spending more time in nature then you should try climbing! Climbing can be done indoors but also outside in nature, but that’s more difficult because you have to travel and carry your gear and crash pads with you to the forest.

Many people like to spend a lot of time in nature and climbing can give you more reasons for it. So pack your car and invite your friends for a journey to the woods.

8. Climbing will help you lose bodyweight

To be better at climbing you need to have a low body fat percentage, and climbing can be your motivation to lose some of that additional weight, or try diets. If you will fall in love with that sport then your brain will help you with losing weight because “You need to improve as a climber” and your brain will start to think about it this way. It’s a great way to grow muscles and lose that belly.

Don’t make too many excuses and check out our article about “How to prepare for a first bouldering session?“, but if you want to know more then we have a great article about “What are the easiest holds in bouldering” to make you prepared for your next climbing session. I hope that this article helped to convince you and answer your questions, and now you know why you should try climbing.

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