Why Am I Getting Worse At Climbing? – (5 Reasons With Tips)

When practicing a sport regularly, it is natural to expect progress. As we gain strength and skill, our level increases, and the same is true in climbing or bouldering. Sometimes, however, there comes a point at which we no longer make as much progress or even standstill. Why am I getting worse at climbing? And what are the reasons for this? Here are 5 reasons with tips on how to deal with it.

So why am I getting worse at climbing? In climbing, too, there can come a time when you are not progressing, sometimes it’s the fault of a bad training plan, the regularity of your training, or simply that you are demanding too much of yourself.

How can I make progress in climbing?

Climbing is quite an unusual sport, you can train it alone as well as with your family or friends. It is a sport for anyone who wants to get fitter and stronger. If you are wondering why it is easier for you to progress at the very beginning, the answer is simple.

Certainly, in your first workouts, you decide about the kilograms to use for strength training or the time in which you will cover a particular distance. On the next workout, you want to give more, and it turns out that your body can allow you to do so.

Over time, you reach your maximum and at this point making progress requires building muscle mass, your commitment, and better technique. If you are impatient, you will get discouraged very quickly, and it may seem that this is the end of the progress.

In the same way, as in climbing, progress is easier in the beginning, later it is much more difficult. Whatever level we are at, we must always pay attention to technique or the overall development of our bodies.

why am i getting worse at climbing
Getting worse at climbing

5 important tips for climbing progress – why am I getting worse at climbing?

If you are someone who has been training climbing for a long time and is slowly starting to see a lack of progress, it’s time to think about what can be improved. So why am I getting worse at climbing, and how can I deal with it? Here are 5 important tips for climbers who are looking for progression:

1) Learn from your own and other people’s mistakes – this is a very good way to do it, however, we often repeat the same mistakes that I have coded, and they are hard to change. If a more experienced person points out to you that you are making mistakes they are doing it in good faith, try to correct your mistakes

2) Train your weaknesses, this is a very important point, as we often think that somehow it will happen and the problems will disappear by themselves. And they can be very different and affect negatively our progress, pay attention to whether your weak point is technique, strength or maybe there is another reason

3) You demand too much from yourself, especially when you are a beginner in climbing, and the beginnings can be difficult in any sport. Or you start very well, but then there is a problem or the rate of progress slows down. Structure your training plan accordingly and look realistically at your abilities, too much does not always mean good

4) Comfort zone, or rather avoiding it, unfortunately, does not do any good if you want to progress. In the beginning, what we already know and what is pleasant comes easily. Later, however, difficulties arise with technique, weight, or body strength, and all these elements are very important in climbing. Get out of your comfort zone, that is, do things that are not only pleasant and easy but also difficult, because only then will your progress be possible

5) You compare yourself to others, of course looking at the progress of others motivates us a lot, but we must remember that each of us has to go his way when it comes to the desired progress. Just because your friend climbs the same amount of time as you and has better results doesn’t necessarily mean the sport isn’t for you. Remember, overcome your weaknesses and become better for yourself, everyone has their rate of progress, take small steps and enjoy them

It seems that these are obvious things like good motivation or not giving up and training regularly because our progress is affected by a lot of things. Why am I getting worse at climbing can have some reasons, and if you’re not coping with it yourself, it’s worth asking someone more experienced for advice

why am i getting worse at climbing
Your training

So remember that progression will be different for everyone, some will achieve it faster and others will stagnate until they overcome their weaknesses. Why am I getting worse at climbing and not making progress? Whether you’ve been climbing for a few months or a few years, a few important points can help you make real progress, avoid them instead:

  • Don’t demand too much of yourself in the beginning
  • Don’t constantly compare yourself to others
  • Overtraining can have the same negative effects as no training
  • You give up too quickly
  • Not getting out of your comfort zone – not overcoming your weaknesses
  • You don’t put enough effort into your training

In Summary – Why Am I Getting Worse At Climbing? – (5 Reasons With Tips)

Climbing is one of the sports in which we can combine both strength, good fitness, and motor coordination. It is a sport for everyone who wants to improve their health and be fitter. Being a beginner in climbing, we have to take into account that moving on to higher levels and more difficult routes must take a certain amount of time. It depends mainly on our physical conditions, regularity in training, and sometimes also on the approach itself.

Why I get worse and worse at climbing does not usually depend on a single situation, so we have to pay attention to our mistakes and weaknesses and fight against them. Effective training that leads to real progress is important. In this post, you can in turn read about burning calories during training, which is also very important.

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