Sore Arms From Climbing? – Try Our Home Treatment Methods

Climbing or bouldering is a very popular sport that is suitable for both children and adults. In this sport, you will find elements of strength, motor coordination as well as good entertainment. However, if you’ve been climbing for a while you may come across a few ailments associated with the sport, some of the more common ones being shouldered and arm pain. Are sore arms from climbing a difficult problem, and how do you deal with it? Try our home treatment methods and keep an eye on prevention to look after your health.

So, are sore arms from climbing something serious, and can they try our home treatment methods? It all depends on whether the pain is caused by fatigue of a particular body part or some kind of injury. Home remedies can help mainly with prevention and good habits, but when it comes to injuries it is important to consult a specialist.

What do sore shoulders mean from climbing?

Climbing requires not only good technique and strength but too large an extent flexibility and suppleness of the muscles. It’s a great sport for someone who wants to improve their coordination or strengthen their whole body. The full-body works when climbing, but some parts such as the arms and shoulders are heavily loaded, which can cause overload or injuries. When it comes to the upper body, these are the most common:

  • Inflammation of the long head of the biceps
  • Collarbone conflict
  • Rotator cone injury
  • Shoulder and elbow joint injuries
sore arms from climbing
Sore arms from climbing

When climbing, the whole body works, it is a power sport with its bodyweight training and unfortunately sometimes an injury can happen. However, sore arms from climbing do not always have to mean an injury, they may only occur during the initial training until the muscles in these parts are strengthened and built up. In this article, you can read more about them and how to get back to climbing after a break.

In climbing, as in every sport, regularity of exercises, proper rest, and regeneration in between them are important to achieve better results. Prevention is also a very important subject, that is, performing exercises which may prevent some injuries. A good effect is brought by performing appropriate exercises for particular body parts, as well as my strength and cardio training.

How do I deal with sore shoulders and shoulder injuries?

Injuries can happen in any sport and depending on which parts of the body are more exposed, they can exclude us from climbing for a longer or shorter time. Are there any home remedies that can help us with them, or at least reduce their frequency? It turns out that many things are within our control and if we just pay attention to them, we can improve our training if you go climbing it’s important to remember about:

  • Warm-up, not only with climbing but with any other sport, as warmed-up muscles are less prone to injury and work better
  • Take care of your fitness and mobility, climbing is not only about strength training, on the wall or the rocks it’s very useful to have general body fitness. This will certainly make it easier to overcome routes or more difficult parts of the route
  • Watch your diet, opt for healthy things like fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water and replenish electrolytes. A climber’s diet should include an adequate amount of protein as well as carbohydrates to build muscle mass
  • Regularity of training, even if you’re coming back to climbing after an injury, remember to start with more gentle training and gradually increase the difficulty. Sometimes it’s not possible to come back quickly, you need to give yourself time to recover
  • Rest, in between the days you go climbing, put in time for rest and recovery. It’s important to get enough sleep and to rest tired body parts. Only the right proportion of training and rest will give you real progress, and also injuries will happen less often

Any climber can experience overtraining or injury, but these few important issues can help us. Most of these important activities can be performed in the privacy of your home, be aware that we have an impact on your health.
Aching arms from climbing are, unfortunately, often a problem when climbing, but we can also deal with it ourselves.

How do I deal with sore shoulders and shoulder injuries?
How do I deal with sore shoulders and shoulder injuries?

Home treatment methods for healthy arms

We already know that sore arms from climbing are often an ailment and that they are not always a symptom of an injury. In addition to regular training, we can do several exercises at home that will strengthen our arms and shoulders. Resistance bands and small dumbbells will be ideal for their implementation, these are, among others:

1) Exercises for stabilization of the shoulder blade and external rotation, for its implementation you need a longer resistance band. Keep your arms in front of you, bend your elbows at right angles and make the tape abduction outwards. Do 20 repetitions in 3 series

2) Exercise for supraspinatus muscles, i.e. abduction of the arm with a dumbbell. Keep your arm extended at shoulder height and then make a downward and upward motion. Also, the same number of repetitions (dumbbells approx. 2 kg)

3) Exercises for internal rotation, tie the longer strap or hook it on something stable, and then move towards yourself. Keep your elbow bent at a right angle, do 20 repetitions over 3 sets

These are just a few exercises that we can do ourselves using only dumbbells and resistance bands. It can be a great idea for sore arms from climbing, strengthening the muscles of the hands and shoulder, and above all, prophylaxis to prevent more serious injuries.

In Summary – Sore Arms From Climbing? – Try Our Home Treatment Methods

Because practically our entire body exercises during climbing, we have a great opportunity and influence to improve our coordination, strength, and range of movements. It is quite a demanding sport, but for both adults and children, who can have a great time climbing.

Here are some important aspects for every climber, and exercises for sore arms from climbing. You can do them yourself home treatment method, and have a real impact on prevention, which can reduce or prevent shoulder or shoulder injuries.

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