Why Am I Sick After Outdoor Rock Climbing?

Winter is not the easiest time in rock climbing, you need to be hardened and persistent to not let the bad weather get you down. However, climbing is possible all year round, and if the weather is really bad we can go bouldering. But sometimes you wonder why am I sick after outdoor rock climbing? Is it normal, or does our body just need to get used to this kind of effort?

So why am I sick after outdoor rock climbing? There could be many reasons, including inappropriate clothing, lack of thermal clothing, or poor body resistance to changing weather conditions in the mountains. It also takes some getting used to, as climbing is quite a demanding sport.

Why am I sick after outdoor rock climbing?

A rock-climbing trip usually involves a lot of things and equipment to prepare, the time of year and the weather are very important. Apart from the basic equipment such as helmet, rope, harness, and climbing gear or crash pad, the clothing itself is also important.

Both too light clothing and too thick clothing can cause us to catch a cold due to overheating or undercooling. A good solution is, for example, to wear several layers of clothing, or thermal clothing, a hat, and a scarf when you go to the mountains.

Why I get ill after rock climbing in the open air may depend on the clothing itself, as well as the overall preparation of our body for a given expedition. Not without importance is our resistance to all kinds of bad weather conditions, such as rain, wind, snow or heat, and scorching sun.

If you are a person who has just started their adventure with rock climbing, it is important to go into the field with someone experienced, who will teach you the basic steps.

Why am I sick after outdoor rock climbing?
Why am I sick after outdoor rock climbing?

How to prepare for rock climbing? – Sick after outdoor rock climbing

If you’re planning a trip to the mountains or rock, and this will be your first trip, it’s important to get training under the guidance of an experienced climber. Why I get sick after outdoor rock climbing can depend on poor preparation as well as our resilience. Rock climbing is a more difficult form of bouldering and more dangerous, so you must keep these points in mind:

  • Adequate training, it’s good for you to train regularly on a climbing wall or bouldering, for example, they have very similar conditions and are much safer, to begin with
  • Train the basic techniques, every climber who wants to conquer more difficult routes has to work on their technique and skills
  • Rock climbing equipment is essential for safe climbing. Among the most important are: shoes, climbing harness, ropes, belay device, carabiners, quickdraws, climbing cams, helmet, chalk bag, chalk, tape, and crash mat
  • Build your strength and stamina, climbing on a climbing wall is one thing, but climbing outdoors is a bit different. The weather itself is important as it will have a big influence on our tiredness or mood and even climbing in fine weather can be tiring due to the temperatures
  • The right clothing, depending on the season and the weather. Special climbing clothes are available in shops, and light and breathable materials are essential. On colder days, thermal clothing is also useful to keep us warm and out of the wind

These important tips concern mainly the preparation of the equipment itself as well as training our skills, the most important is regularity and proper training. Climbing on rocks is quite specific; apart from the climber’s skills, it requires good technical preparation and skillful use of the equipment.

All these elements contribute to the fact that a trip to the cliffs for climbing will not only be enjoyable but, above all, safe. In this article, you can read about shoulder pain when climbing regularly and how to deal with it.

sick after outdoor rock climbing
Sick after outdoor rock climbing

How to improve immunity and get less sick?

We already know that why I get sick after outdoor rock climbing can depend on the physical preparation itself as well as our immunity. Playing outdoor sports is much healthier, but we need to adapt to the weather conditions, which can change rapidly. Our immunity plays an important role here, which we acquire through important habits, the most important of which are:

1) Adequate diet, regardless of the season we should keep an eye on a varied diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, fats, proteins, and vitamins. We should also remember to drink enough fluids (2 liters or more), preferably water, teas, juices, etc.

2) Reducing stress: of course, short-term stress is not dangerous, as it is the body’s natural reaction. However, living under long-term stress leads to various deficiencies in the body, lowered immunity, a bad mood, and many serious diseases.

3) Regular physical activity, if you are mainly into climbing then it is a good idea to incorporate other sports into your daily routines such as strength training, cardio, swimming, or even yoga. Each sport has a positive effect on our body and mind and improves our skills.

4) Get enough sleep, it is recommended to get about 7-8 hours of sleep so that the body can fully regenerate and gain strength. When doing intensive sports, a good night’s sleep is essential for our health and strength, which we also need when climbing.

5) Vitamins for immunity, some of the most important are vitamin C and D. The first is essential in building our immunity, seals our blood vessels, and allows us to regenerate. Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin; a lack of it in the body means mainly aching joints and bones, or inflammation in the body. During winter and autumn, supplementation of the vitamin is sometimes necessary as the amount of sunlight is insufficient.

When building immunity, it is worth betting on natural ingredients, which means, above all, a varied diet supplemented with essential vitamins.

Our daily habits also have an impact on our health and immunity, and these include dressing appropriately for the weather, giving up poor-quality food, and relaxing. So why am I sick after outdoor rock climbing can have many causes, but changing bad habits and taking care of yourself can change that.

In Summary – Why Am I Sick After Outdoor Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing is quite an unusual sport that is becoming more and more popular. It requires a lot of strength, motor coordination as well as appropriate technical preparation. It is important to start with proper preparation, preferably by an instructor or experienced climber.

When going rock climbing, in addition to technical preparation, it is also important to take care of your health, because outdoor training is usually more intense and tiring than in conditions on climbing walls. Why am I sick after outdoor rock climbing in the open air may depend on both our immunity and our general health, fortunately, the more such trips, the faster our body will gain adequate immunity.

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