Pros And Cons Of Climbing As A First Date In 2022

Many people in 2022 are struggling to find the right partner, and that’s why they are using apps like tinder to look for a potential partner, but it doesn’t matter how you did manage to find that person, now you should focus on your first date! If you are not sure what that person would like to do, then maybe you should propose climbing as a first date? In this article we will talk about the pros and cons of climbing as a first date, also we will give you tips to make it even better.

If you wonder if that is a good idea then it will be better to focus on the cons at first, just to make sure if any of those things are not a critical factor in our choice, so let’s talk about the cons.

Cons of climbing as a first date

1. Climbing can be sweaty – There are not a lot of people who like to sweat a lot, especially if they are having their first date, and climbing unfortunately is often a very sweaty sport. Feeling dirty and sweaty can ruin the mood.

Climbing can be sweaty
Climbing can be sweaty

2. Your partner can be scared of heights – It is a very common issue in the climbing community, there are a lot of people who are afraid of heights. That’s why it is important to ask about it before your date, because if that’s the case then you should consider visiting a bouldering gym rather than a normal climbing gym.

3. Not a lot of time to talk about other things except climbing – Climbing sessions are often around 2 hours, and for beginners, it will be even less until your hands will start to hurt, also you will spend most of the time separated, or talking about climbing rather than your future as a couple.

4. Climbing is not romantic at all – Due to the issues we have mentioned above and fact that strength sports are not often associated with something romantic stuff then it will be hard to build an emotional relationship while climbing.

If the cons that we have mentioned here are not enough to scare you away from that idea of a climbing date then let’s get to the nicer part and talk about the pros.

Pros of climbing as a first date

1. If you don’t know what to talk about then you can talk about climbing – It’s hard to talk for 2 hours straight with a person you barely know at this point, but if you are worried about this issue you can try to talk about climbing. Climbing is a very broad topic, and if it is your hobby it will be very easy to talk about your passion!

Talk about climbing
Talk about climbing

2. Adrenaline makes you hornier – There have been many studies that have proven that men and women while under adrenaline rushes build up the attraction between each other.

3. Teaching your partner can lead to lovely moments – If you want to be nice then you can show your partner some moves and teach the most basic stuff about climbing. He or She is most likely to appreciate your efforts.

4. You can show off your body and see the body of your partner – Climbers tend to have nice bodies, so you can try to show off a bit just to make that first good impression. Women are attracted to muscular men and men are also attracted to muscular women which we have proven in many of our articles.

Pros And Cons Of Climbing As A First Date In 2022
Pros And Cons Of Climbing As A First Date In 2022

Final thoughts – Pros And Cons Of Climbing As A First Date In 2022

Climbing as a first date is a good idea but before that, you should ask your partner about a few things like “Are you afraid of heights?”, or “Do you know what climbing is?”. If your partner is afraid of heights then you should invite him or her to the bouldering gym where the walls are not so tall. Also make sure to send some of the photos or videos that will represent what climbing is, just to make your partner aware of what to deal with.

If you want to know more about climbing dates then check out our article from 2021 where we got into the details of this topic “Is Climbing A Good Idea For A Date? – (5 Tips)“.

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