Low Motivation To Climb – What Should I Do?

Sometimes we all struggle with low motivation and even laziness, but what if that low motivation is related to climbing? Low motivation to climb can prevent us from improving and erase all that we have learned up to this point, that’s why we want to stay motivated but how can we get back to the climbing gym?

Most climbers when they don’t see much progress they quickly start to burn out of motivation, that’s why it is important to set your goals high, also an easy way to motivate can be a little change of the approach to climbing, like going into the wild and try real rock climbing for example. There are many ways to motivate yourself to climb more often or even get back to climbing, so stay with us to learn more about them.

Why is climbing getting boring?

If you are on the level where half of your climbing session is based on the ground training rather than climbing itself, then you can start to think negatively about it. You have to ask yourself if you really need that much normal ground training because that one can be very boring.

low motivation to climb
Why is climbing getting boring?

Every climber at some point starts to think about normal training to improve the grip like hangboard, or some sort of workout based on pullups, but those are slowly moving you away from the climbing itself, that’s why you have to make a proper hierarchy and manage your time properly at the gym to get the most fun out of it.

Try to think about what you love about climbing? Because if you just simply love to climb and overcome your fear or you love that feeling of accomplishment when you finish that hard problem, then do it, lower the amount of normal training, and focus on the climbing itself!

What should I do to motivate myself to climb?

Many of us climbers, had these issues at some point, but everyone is different, and we’ve started to climb for different reasons, that’s why only you will be able to tell what can motivate you to climb again but don’t worry because we have many examples for you to pick from. Many things can make you get back to climbing, for example:

  • Friends who are still climbing – Who can motivate you better than your friends? If you think of it, then you will quickly realize that maybe your climbing session where a way to meet with your friends? So if you suddenly happen to go alone to the climbing gym then it can be the cause of your low motivation, so make sure to check out our new article about “How can I get my partner into climbing?”.
  • Athletic figure – If you weren’t climbing for a long time like a few weeks then you can see how worse your current figure has become compared to the times when you have been climbing. That can give you the motivation to get your body into shape and look healthier.
  • The feeling of accomplishment after every finished problem – Try to remember that great feeling of accomplishment when you reached the top of that route, after many tries. That feeling is so addictive and can keep you motivated for the next bouldering session.
  • Setting own records – As we said earlier the feeling of accomplishment is great but setting a new record is even better. Can you remember when you cleared the V6 for the first time? Setting new personal records can be addictive, and it will be your goal for every climbing session.
  • Trying a new way of climbing – Maybe you are just bored of normal climbing, then you should try something slightly different but also similar to climbing. Maybe you didn’t ever try something called bouldering or rock climbing, also those two things can be done outdoors, so maybe you should pack your car with climbing gear and try out something new as a refreshment. Don’t forget to take your friends with you!
  • Lower the amount of ground training – If your climbing session is half ground training and half climbing, then try to get more time for the climbing, because that’s what is more fun to do!
motivation to climb
What should I do to motivate myself to climb?

In conclusion – Low Motivation To Climb – What Should I Do?

The thing that you are reading this article now shows how important climbing is in your life, but you still struggle to find time for it. It also shows that you don’t want to let go of it, so try to read carefully our points from above, and something should be related to your specific case, they should help you to find the motivation deep down within you.

Only you know what burns that fire in your heart, so follow your feelings and be guided by our advice from the list above! That should let you climb more often.

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