Kids Running Around In My Bouldering Gym – (Safe Climbing)

If you have been interested in climbing for a while, be it bouldering or rope climbing, you are probably no stranger to safety rules. So what do you think about kids running around my bouldering gym, is it a big problem? In addition to the important safety rules and aspects, we’ll also touch on this important topic. Children are often unaware of the dangers they may face, so other older climbers should pay special attention to them.

Kids running around in my bouldering gym. Anyone who plays this sport needs to know the safety rules and be aware of the risks, especially those who teach and supervise children.

Safety rules – bouldering wall

In recent years, climbing on boulders, ropes or rocks has become increasingly popular, these are extreme sports, so we must follow some important rules. Regardless of the sport we practice, we must remember about our own and others’ safety. Here are some of the more important rules to remember from the very beginning of your climbing adventure:

  • Watch out for other climbers, this is one of the first rules, we must pay attention to other climbers in our vicinity. We should always check that we are not under a climber above us, as there is a risk of collision or crushing. Pay particular attention to children, as they may not always be aware of the danger.
  • Do not leave any objects on mattresses, especially not near the climbing wall itself. Climbers may fall on them when jumping or falling off, posing a health risk.
  • Do not leave children unattended; people in the climbing hall with children should ensure their safety rules and care. Unfortunately, children running around in my bouldering gym is a fairly common situation, in which case extra care must be taken.
  • It is forbidden to climb with jewelry as there is a risk of snagging or injury (rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc.). It is clear that if you do not follow this advice, you must take into account the risk and possibility of an accident.
  • Climbing with anything in your pockets, remember that it is best to leave things such as keys and phones in a locker. When performing routes on the wall, various items may fall out of our pockets and pose a danger to someone below us.
  • If you experience any technical problems while climbing, you should report them to the staff. Remember about common safety, every issue is a potential risk of an accident.

Of course, on every climbing wall, there are rules which must be obeyed, as this is an extreme and quite dangerous sport we must be aware of them. When it comes to children on the climbing wall, remember to pay special attention to them, as they may not be aware of the risks that await them. And if you’ve been climbing for a while but don’t particularly have company for it in this post you can read about how to find a climbing partner, there are several ways to do this.

Kids Running Around In My Bouldering Gym
Kids Running Around In My Bouldering Gym

Children on a climbing wall?

As bouldering is becoming a more and more popular sport that can be practiced by all age groups, children can also be found running at climbing walls. So are kids running around in my bouldering gym a normal thing?

Most often the children who are at the climbing gyms are with their parents, guardians, or, for example, at the climbing section. Bouldering is a specific sport where our body has to adapt to different types of situations. Therefore, the earlier we start climbing, the faster and better we get at it.

Parents who are fascinated by the sport often want their children to try it too. However, children running in my bouldering gym should be educated when it comes to climbing safety. Children, because of their build, can practice their skills well, which is very helpful in bouldering.

The only thing to remember is to explain the safety rules to your child and supervise them. Nevertheless, adult climbers should always be careful when climbing, especially when there are children around.

How to climb safely on the rope?

We already know the safety rules which apply to bouldering walls, however, this topic is slightly different when rope climbing. As this is a slightly more difficult form of climbing than the previous one, there are a few additional things to pay attention to. These include:

1) Use training from trained people, as there is a lot more equipment involved when climbing at height, we need to know how to handle it. Whether it’s an instructor or a competent climber, they should show us how to handle the equipment safely. Because of the height of such walls, a fall from those heights is much riskier than bouldering.

2) Specialized equipment, when climbing in this way you should use appropriate equipment, it’s not a small expense, but we should remember that good quality equipment means greater safety rules and security while climbing. When going climbing at altitude, you need to have with you:

  • Special climbing shoes.
  • Rope or ropes of different lengths (it can be 10, 20, or more meters).
  • A special harness that supports your body in the right position while climbing. To this harness you have to tie the rope you are going to climb on.
  • Different types of carabiners, hooks, expresses, rings, grips, etc.
  • Comfortable clothing.
  • Bag or backpack for climbing equipment.

3) Correct belaying is essential when climbing with a bottom belay. While one person climbs the wall, another holds the rope and keeps an eye on its tension. While boulder climbing itself does not require the cooperation of two people, it is very important here. Good and skillful belaying is the basis and safety

4) Providing care for children, and climbing with a rope, is also very popular with teenagers and children. However, while kids running around in my bouldering gym is more of a problem, here the situation is slightly different. Only those who are belaying and climbing and those who are belaying can be at the wall, the rest of the people should not be within the wall.

Children on a climbing wall?
Children on a climbing wall?

Climbing at height is a slightly more difficult form of climbing than bouldering, we have to take into account not only much higher heights, and special equipment but also performing a proper belay.

Good training is not only a guarantee for successful climbing, but above all, it guarantees our and others’ safety. And if you’d like to try your hand at climbing with a rope, but you’re afraid of heights, you can read in this article how you can deal with that problem.

In Summary – Kids Running Around In My Bouldering Gym

In this article, we cover the important topic of safety when climbing boulders or climbing with a rope. We know that this sport is becoming more and more popular among both adults and children. Climbing is a very attractive and interesting sport which is worth recommending to your friends and also to your children.

When kids running around in my bouldering gym can pose a danger to themselves and others, we as adults need to be aware of this and look after their safety. Education about safety rules is also very important, remember that a successful climb is also a safe one.

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