Is Climbing A Good Idea For A Date? – (5 Tips)

If you are a climber then you know how fun it is to climb, but will that person that you are going on a date with is going to like climbing as well? Things that you consider entertaining are often hated by other people, especially if it’s going to take some effort. Sports are often liked by many people, but how to make sure that your partner is not going to run away from the gym? Is Climbing a good idea for a date in general? Let’s find out!

Climbing is a sport where you need to get dirty and sweaty so if you are inviting a guy for a climbing session then it can be a very good date because most men do prefer those types of activities, but if you are going to invite a woman or if she already accepted that then try to go very easy on her to not scare her away. We will get deep into this issue to explain you and give you some hope, so don’t worry too much. In this article, we will also give you some tips for a climbing date from our experience so make sure to keep reading!

What are the disadvantages of a climbing date?

If the person you are going to invite is a total beginner at climbing, then you have to face some issues. The most important issue for women will be how sweaty climbing is, unfortunately, long nails and strong makeup are going to reduce the fun that comes from climbing. Also after some time at the climbing or bouldering gym, you both are going to get dirty due to the chalk and sweat.

What are the disadvantages of a climbing date?
What are the disadvantages of a climbing date?

You won’t have much time to talk if you are going to teach her or him something about climbing, so choose what your priority is.

Tips for a climbing date:

1. Start with explaining the basics to make your partner feel safe

If you won’t make your partner feel safe and secure then he or she will get scared easily and that means that you possibly won’t get a second chance for a date. After that date, when that person will try to recall that time with you on a date, only scary things will come up to her or his mind.

When you will make your partner feel safe you will get a huge benefit for that, because that person will remember it as if you were the reason that nothing bad has happened.

2. Try to focus more on talking rather than climbing

Remember what your main goal is! If you really do care about your relationship then you should focus on learning new things about that person and talking about interesting stuff that will help you in future chats with that person. In our opinion Climbing should be in second place, just like a nice background to your date.

Focus more on talking rather than climbing
Focus more on talking rather than climbing

If you run out of topics to talk about there will always be something about climbing to talk about or teach. On a normal date in the restaurant if you run out of topics then a moment of silence will be a bit awkward.

3. You can try to impress your partner by showing off a bit

Making a good first impression is a great idea if you are sure about your climbing skills! But you can’t overdo it, make sure that your partner was stunned about your athletic physique and climbing skills then get back to a normal chat, or teaching.

4. Don’t force your partner to anything

Your partner can be scared no matter how you will try to comfort him or her, then try to do everything step by step. Start with the easiest problems and only a few simple moves not too high above the ground.

Tell your partner that she or he doesn’t need to finish every route, just a few moves can make your partner feel proud of the progress. If you will try to force anyone that person can get upset and there is a high chance that all the emotions can be pointed against you.

5. Show your partner how much you love that sport

People love to see when other people are passionate about something. By showing how much you love climbing, your partner will surely notice how persistent you can be to reach your goals; even that person can compare it to your future relationship.

How can I be sure that climbing is a good idea?

The fastest and simplest way to check if a climbing date will be a good option for both of you is to ask! But before you ask you need to let your partner know what climbing is all about. Maybe you can send her or him a video about climbing to get an overall look at this sport, also try to tell him that climbing can be sweaty and dirty, just to prepare your partner for that.

Is climbing a good idea for a date?
Is climbing a good idea for a date?

If you want to be 100 percent sure that he or she will be ready for your climbing date then share our article “How To Prepare For A First Bouldering Session? – (Beginners)” That will give your partner information about preparation for climbing. Maybe that date will be enough for this guy to fall in love with you, or maybe it’s the opposite and you want to invite a female partner. It doesn’t matter because climbing can definitely strengthen your relationship!

In conclusion – Is climbing a good idea for a date?

Climbing can be a great idea for a date, but even when that person has accepted your offer you need to make sure that will be a great time for both of you. Use our tips to make your climbing date something that can be the beginning of your relationship!

We have to mention that climbing can be difficult and scary for a beginner, so many beginners state that bouldering is way less scary for them, so maybe it is better to visit a bouldering gym? The height of the wall that you are going to climb can change your point of view, so check out our new article “What Is The Difference Between Climbing And Bouldering“.

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