How To Not Burnout At Climbing? – (5 Tips To Enjoy It Again)

Climbing is a great and fun activity loved by many, but unfortunately, as with everything else, it can make us bored after some time. Bored to the point that we won’t feel the need of coming to the climbing gym anymore or even do some exercises at home that are related to climbing. Maybe you already feel something similar and keep asking that question “How to not burnout at climbing?”, then don’t worry because we will dive into this topic, and also we will give you some tips to make climbing exciting again!

Burnout at anything in our life is a slow process, but we can see the overall direction after a few sessions. For example, at the beginning of the year you could not sit down in one place when you thought about that problem you have left in your climbing gym, but now you are climbing just for no big reason, and that’s why you are now visiting your gym less often. If you understand what things you love about climbing then you need to do something related to those things more often, rather than simply striving to get better and better.

To understand what keeps visiting climbing gyms over and over we need to know what feelings are important to us or what goal we want to reach. Often those goals are related to some sort of a contest. The greatest thing for many climbers is to reach the top of the problem which is exciting for us.

1. Invite your friends or partner to share the joy of climbing

Doing any activity alone can be sad because we don’t have a second person to share the joy with. It’s good when you can enjoy something alone, but sometimes you will feel like something is missing, especially when you will have a bad day, and there won’t be anyone near you to support you and give you some hope.

That’s why it’s good to have a partner for climbing. That partner will try to support you or give some tips to make you a better climber. Even a simple break between every route will be more fun because you can talk about anything.

Invite your friends or partner to share the joy of climbing
Invite your friends or partner to share the joy of climbing

ve you ever thought about riding a bike alone? Probably not, but if a couple of your friends would come along then why not give it a try? People are meant to share the joy of life with other people, that’s just how It works.

If your partner is on your skill level then you can try to compete with each other and that can give you a lot of motivation to be better and climb more often.

If you don’t have anyone who could join you at your local climbing gym then try to read our new article, about finding a climbing partner “How To Find A Climbing Partner?

2. Set yourself a goal

Climbing is fun until we don’t ask ourselves “Why am I even climbing?” If you can’t answer that question then you can expect burnout in the near future. Some people are climbing to get that athletic body or lose some calories, but is that enough for you to get motivated?

Goals are a perfect way to get motivated. That’s why it is important to sit down and think about what you want to accomplish with climbing? A lot of climbers are thinking about some sort of competition even if those competitions are very small events in your local gym. Maybe you can aim higher and try to be a professional climber. Those dreams can keep us motivated and encourage us to climb more often.

Focus more on climbing problems
Focus more on climbing problems

3. Watch others climb

Watching other climbers can make your passion burn once more. If you are climbing alone or with the same person for a long period then you can get bored seeing the same moves over and over, but if you watch some of the top climbers and see how smooth and powerful are their movements then you will feel impressed.

Try to take a look at the world championships in climbing, you can learn a lot from those videos, and get a lot of motivation to improve your own climbing skills.

4. Focus more on climbing problems rather than simple and boring training on the ground

Climbers are getting bored often due to the overall idea of getting better. Because if you want to get better you have to do some normal training using things like hangboard or doing simple pull-ups. Those things can be very boring especially if you are going to do them every day, but that’s not what brought you to the climbing gym in the first place.

Most climbers start with climbing because they love to climb and overcome their fears with strength, that’s why it is very important to focus on climbing if you want to get motivated. Normal training is boring and if you don’t want to be a professional then focus on climbing.

5. Mix climbing with other activities

Maybe you are just climbing too often and your body does want to take a break from climbing. If you are climbing more than 3 times per week then it is highly possible. You should try other things that would let your climbing muscles rest a bit, like for example cycling or jogging.

How to not burnout at climbing?
How to not burnout at climbing?

If you want to try something that feels similar to climbing but is slightly different then you should check out the bouldering.

In Summary – How to not burnout at climbing?

Climbing is a very enjoyable sport but sometimes we as climbers forget what brought us to the climbing gym in the first place, that’s why using our tips we are sure that you will stay motivated for a long time! Don’t forget that having fun should always be in the first place and your progress unfortunately on the second because otherwise, you will stop doing that activity.

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