How To Make New Friends On a Bouldering Gym?

Bouldering is one form of climbing that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Despite appearances, it is a sport that can be trained alone with family or friends. Also in my case, it was so that my friends convinced me to bouldering, and I, in turn, show this sport to my friends. So, how do you make new friends on a bouldering gym?

It turns out that how to make new friends on a bouldering gym is not difficult at all. We can make new friends on the climbing wall itself, on a climbing group, even on climbing sections, or even on special websites.

Why can bouldering be trained in a group?

Bouldering is not only about climbing itself, in practice it is also about meeting friends, solving problems together on difficult routes, or training together. In my opinion, bouldering is a very family sport, and you can meet a lot of nice people. I’ve made good friends myself at the walls I go to, and we also have our climbing group, social media is a good place for that.

Bouldering is not only a sport that requires a lot of strength, good fitness, or good motor coordination, but it’s also a sport where you can work in a group. Together we solve problems and overcome difficult routes because every climber has his approach and his style of climbing, and some routes can be overcome in several ways. Even if you’re a beginner, you can meet people who’ll be happy to give you a hint or a tip.

 how to make new friends on a bouldering gym
Bouldering gym

How to make new friends on a bouldering gym?

Climbing is not only an extreme sport but also a great pastime for the whole family or for getting together with friends. Nowadays, many sports can be done alone or with several people, and bouldering is a great example of this. Of course, bouldering is only one type of climbing we can try, others are:

  • Wall climbing with a rope
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain climbing
  • Climbing with a bottom rope or rod or with a top rope

We already know what types of climbing there are and that we can train them alone, in pairs, or in groups. But is finding friends for climbing a difficult task? And where can you find new friends with whom you can climb together? There are of course several ways to do this:

  • Meeting new friends on the climbing wall
  • Climbing groups on various social media
  • Climbing sections
  • Special bouldering or climbing pages
  • Going to the climbing wall with your friends
  • Posting on climbing groups (this is also very effective)

I think that whatever sport we do, it is worth being open and friendly to others, which often results in meeting interesting people who have similar hobbies and passions as we do. On this page, we can read the difference between bouldering and rope climbing.

 how to make new friends on a bouldering gym
Friends on a bouldering gym

Is bouldering also a family sport?

Do we already know that bouldering is a sport that can be trained with friends, but is it also good for children? Well, I think so, provided the child wants to try it and enjoys the sport. Today, the dominant problem among children is a sedentary lifestyle causing postural defects and obesity. Sport prevents curvature of the spine, accelerates growth, and develops basic behavioral skills in children. It is therefore worth encouraging children to participate in sport and to choose the most appropriate sport for them.

According to research, practicing sport and lifting weights from the age of 6 to 12 reduces injuries, strengthens joints, and improves body composition in favor of muscle mass at the expense of fat mass. Here are some suggestions of sports that are recommended for children, including bouldering, which is very good for the whole body:

  • Team sports (football, volleyball, basketball, etc.)
  • Martial arts (karate, kung fu, judo, jujitsu, and many others)
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Strength sports
  • Athletics and gymnastics

And many other interesting sports. Remember to always take your child’s predisposition into account, also when it comes to sports. Bouldering is a sport you can go to with friends, children or the whole family. How to make new friends on a bouldering gym should not be too problematic, because, on the walls, we can find people of really different age ranges.

In Summary – How To Make New Friends On a Bouldering Gym?

Bouldering is an extreme sport and a fun family activity or with friends. Depending on whether you prefer to boulder alone or strategize with your friends, bouldering may be the sport for you. It is not only strength, fitness, and coordination that counts here, but also the approach to the problem, which is a more difficult route. Sometimes one person may have no idea how to solve a given problem and then friends or other climbers can help.

Creative thinking is also important in bouldering, and we all know that the more people, the more ideas. We also already know how to make new friends in a bouldering gym and that it is not difficult at all. Others always appreciate a good approach to people and openness, and it is easy to make new contacts.

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