How To Find A Climbing Partner? – (Best Tips For Beginners)

Have you too ever wondered whether climbing is an individual or group sport? And if so, know that you can do it alone, in pairs, or even have a climbing group. But then how to find a climbing partner? It turns out that this is quite a common problem, I will try to give you some tips in this article.

So, how to find a climbing partner? As well as meeting lots of people at the climbing gym itself, we can use the many social groups, and climbing sections or even write a post ourselves with specific information.

Climbing in a group or individually?

If you too are struggling to find someone to accompany you on a bouldering or rope climb, there are several ways to cope. Unfortunately, not all of our friends or partners have to immediately like the same sports as we do, and climbing is a pretty specific sport. However, I always think it’s worth trying new things and trying them at least once, if someone invites us, and we’ve never been before, just for the sake of curiosity it’s worth going and seeing what the sport is like.

Climbing, or in fact bouldering, does not necessarily require the participation of two or more people, we don’t have a belay rope or heavy equipment. However, it is both an individual and a group sport, if you are an advanced person you can of course climb alone, but the more people the more interesting the challenge becomes in terms of routes and how to solve problems.

It’s worth climbing even if it’s just the two of you because it’s a lot of fun to cheer each other on or to find different alternatives for the routes. Not to mention the fact that there are a lot of people with similar passion and experience in climbing halls.

Climbing in a group or individually?
Climbing in a group or individually?

How do you find a climbing partner?

There are several ways to look for people who are willing to climb with you. As I’ve been climbing for more than a few years now, I can personally confirm that the circle of my climbing friends is really large.

For most people we’ve met in the climbing gym itself, even if you’re a beginner, there’s always someone at a similar level. Maybe this person is also looking for company, here are some tried and tested methods on how to find a climbing partner:

  • Climbing sections, whether you are a beginner or already have some experience, you can sign up for special sections run by professionals. There are different levels, and you learn new skills on each one, depending on the difficulty of the routes, as well as what to do outside of climbing, how to warm up or stretch
  • If you have been climbing at a particular bouldering center for a while, you will start to recognize people who also go there regularly. It is important to be an open and friendly person, and this will certainly be appreciated. Sometimes someone will help us by hinting at some small thing, and sometimes we can advise someone on a problem we have solved. Cooperation with others or mutual help is satisfying, and if we manage to solve a problem, we can be proud of ourselves
  • Climbing groups on social media are also an interesting alternative for people who don’t want to climb alone. Everyone visits various social media or social networks, sometimes you just need to type in a phrase, and you’ll see various groups or communities also related to climbing. Of course, it’s best to search in a specific region, if there are several climbing walls in your city, there will surely be someone willing to
  • Writing a post with information, sometimes we don’t find people currently interested in going climbing, and we wonder how to find a climbing partner. Then we can write a post on our own on a given group, whether it’s about sports in general in a given town or climbing in particular. I have seen such posts myself more than once and how many people reacted to them.
  • Special websites, many of which have been set up recently. These are websites on which even people from different cities post their entries. If you want to look for someone to climb with, you have to write where you are from, where you would like to climb, on what days, and at what times. There are usually quite a lot of posts, it’s quite an unusual way but also effective for finding a climbing partner
How To Find A Climbing Partner?
How To Find A Climbing Partner?

Of course, there can be even more ways how to find a climbing partner, and I’ve mentioned here mainly the most popular ones. I think that one of the most effective ways is simply getting to know cool people on a given climbing spot, there are a lot of people who are willing to exchange a few words with us or even advise us on something.

In the beginning, we met some interesting people, and then we joined their group on social media, and we’re still in touch today, whenever someone goes somewhere they let us know about the group, and then we can organize something together. Let’s remember that, in fact, every sport gives us opportunities to meet fascinating people with similar passions. In this post, in turn, you can read about whether you can climb alone.

In Summary – How To Find A Climbing Partner?

Climbing has many types, depending on whether you want to climb indoors or outdoors. It is both an individual sport, so you can climb alone, and a group sport, where you can join people who are also fascinated by this sport. There are a lot of places where we can look for people interested in climbing together, so the problem of how to find a climbing partner is not insurmountable.

We can search, among other things, on sports portals, climbing groups, social media, or climbing sections. On the other hand, if we have been climbing for some time, and we feel good about it, we can always try another kind of climbing, there are many of them and in this article, you can read about its types.

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