How To Find Bouldering Spots? – (2022 Easy Methods)

Sometimes we are tired of repeating the same routes over and over, and that’s why we tend to look for new spots with new bouldering problems. So here we are to help you find bouldering spots that are near you.

Remember that bouldering spots are different. Some are located deep in the woods and some are simple indoor gyms located in your city center, but we will gladly give you an answer to all possible cases.

There are many possible ways to find a perfect bouldering spot but the most efficient one is to type in Google Maps the word “bouldering” or “climbing” and check the results on the current area that you are looking at, but if that gives you no results our you would like to find more then we will gladly tell you what else you can do to find those spots!

How to find climbing spots nearby?

Google maps are the easiest way but there are some others. The are many climbing apps for iPhone and Android that connects people who are passionate about climbing, and there you can find a lot of great spots for climbing.

One of the most underrated methods of finding great and underrated climbing spots is by simply typing “climbing spots” in any search engine like Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo and adding your location.

For example type “climbing spots near Los Angeles” and you will find a lot of forums or blog posts where people talk about hidden gems that are underrated.

How to find bouldering spots?
How to find bouldering spots?

Also, you are most likely already visiting some places like a climbing gym and there you can meet people and they will for sure give you some climbing locations nearby, so ask other climbers.

Can I find an outdoor climbing spot in a city?

You have to know that cities are not totally flat, and there are some rivers, or rock formations within the borders of your city, which will let you visit those places using public transport.

When you type the word “climbing” in Google maps there is a chance that it will show you not only the gyms but also some free outdoor climbing spots so make sure to check it out.

Most of the bigger cities have at least one place where you will be able to climb freely at any time of the day.

Where are the most climbing spots?

In addition to the previous question we have to say that cities don’t have too many outdoor climbing spots, but it is not impossible to see one.

Most climbing spots are located deep in the woods, especially near mountains, or canyons. So when you live close to the mountains then you will be able to find a lot of hidden gems to climb them first, before any other climber.

On the other hand, if the surroundings of your home are mostly flat then you will have to travel a lot to find some rocky formations.

How to find a bouldering spot while abroad?

Being abroad means that we will be in a place where everything is totally new for us, and even often we don’t know what the terrain around the city we will be staying in looks like.

Also often we won’t be able to travel by car, which means that we will have to rely on public transport. You should think about renting a motorbike if you are brave enough because that is a great way to travel around the city and also it is not very expensive.

A motorbike will let you move out of the city to your perfect bouldering spot. And here also you will have to use the internet. Connect the name of the city with the word “climbing” or “bouldering” and you should find a few results.

In summary – How to find bouldering spots?

Bouldering is one of those sports that require us to find a special climbing spot. When we get tired of indoor climbing gyms then we try to find an outdoor climbing spot, but here is the hard part. How can you as a climber find those spots?

Technology is the answer here. The Internet provides us with a lot of useful information about any of our hobbies. And if you don’t like to use the internet you still can ask your friends who are also climbers.

If you are shy and you don’t have too many friends who are climbing then ask at the reception of your local climbing gym, they for sure will give you at least one outdoor spot.

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