How Hard Is Rock Climbing? – (Check If You Can Do It)

Rock climbing is a type of backcountry climbing that combines two passions, namely climbing and the love of mountains and hiking. It is a sport for anyone who likes to overcome their weaknesses and sometimes fears. How hard is rock climbing and can anyone try it, or can they do it? Climbing is a sport that harmoniously develops the whole body and builds our muscle mass, it is worth trying at least once.

So, How Hard Is Rock Climbing? If you have taken your first steps on bouldering or rope climbing, rock climbing is a bit more difficult for the company. This is because, in addition to the right skills, it is important to be good with the necessary equipment.

What are the first steps in rock climbing like?

If you like outdoor sports, see if you can handle rock climbing, it’s a rather unusual sport that provides a lot of fun and satisfaction.
In rock climbing, we climb steep rock walls on which climbing routes have been marked out. In places where rock climbing tourism is developed, you can find several of these routes on the same rock, with different levels of difficulty.

It is a combination of sport and recreation in nature that is very rarely practiced alone. You need someone to belay you, which is why climbers usually set out on routes in teams – at least two people or more. It’s worth starting with a climbing section or climbing with experienced people who can teach you the basics and rope belaying. It’s also very important to have climbing partners who trust each other and know the specifics of rock climbing.

how hard is rock climbing
How hard is rock climbing

What is important in rock climbing?

Rock climbing and other types of climbing are nowadays an increasingly popular sport, How to start climbing and where to take the first steps? No matter how much you are drawn to mountain peaks or various types of rocks, it is always best to start learning by training on panels.

A panel is nothing else but an artificial climbing wall, on which you can practice your skills practically from scratch. It is always best to do it under the supervision of an instructor who has the appropriate qualifications or an experienced climber.

At the very beginning, we won’t need any professional equipment. During your first steps to the climbing wall, you should wear comfortable sports shoes and clothes which don’t restrict your movements. Of course with time, when our level of advancement increases, and we feel that high altitude climbing is within our reach, professional climbing equipment becomes necessary. We are talking about such items as:

  • Climbing harness
  • Ropes
  • Belay device
  • Climbing shoes
  • Helmet
  • Chalk bag/chalk
  • Crash mat
  • Quickdraws
  • Carabiners

How hard is rock climbing depends mainly on the difficulty level of the routes, and the most popular scale is the American Yosemite, which usually ranges from 5.2 to 5.15. If you’ve been climbing with a rope for some time, it’s worth trying your hand at rock climbing. If you have been climbing for a while with a rope or on rocks, you may sometimes notice that climbers wear special gloves. You can read about it in this article.

For whom is rock climbing?

How hard rock climbing is and whether everyone can try it depends on whether the person likes this type of activity. Rock climbing is a rather interesting and unusual sport, which requires climbers to have a lot of strength, good motor coordination, and sometimes, to be successful, to fight with their weaknesses.

In theory, any relatively physically fit and healthy person can start climbing. However, it is worth realizing that it is a demanding sport that requires a lot of physical strength, fitness, and skillful use of equipment. Climbing is also a sport in which it is not difficult to get injured and suffer various abrasions or cuts, that is why it is so important to know the safety rules and how to skillfully use the climbing equipment from the very beginning.

Climbing is also about overcoming one’s fears, such as fear of heights or fear of falling despite a rope and belay. A good way to fight your weaknesses is to start climbing from the easiest levels and gradually increase them as you gain confidence and new skills. How hard rock climbing is will depend on our initial attitude and consistent pursuit of our goal of improving our fitness and climbing skills.

how hard is rock climbing
How hard is rock climbing

What is worth knowing when rock climbing?

If it’s your first time going rock climbing with friends, it’s important to know a few important things. These include tips on how to behave and climb safely. These rules can affect how hard is rock climbing is, so it’s worth knowing that:

  • If a route is too difficult for you and you can’t cope with it despite several approaches, let it go and let others climb. In popular areas, there may be many people who also want to make good use of their time in the area
  • Get as much information as possible about the area you want to climb, it is important to know in particular what type of rock you will be climbing and what the terrain is like
  • Warn other people if you want to throw a rope or other equipment. Preferably by shouting “rope” etc. to minimize the risk of accident, draw attention to yourself and other climbers
  • If you find any equipment, someone may have lost it. It is best to leave it where it is, or take it to give it back, there are very many groups on social networks where you can give information and the owner may get back their lost
  • Follow the safety rules and behave sensibly also when it comes to camping, pitching a tent, or lighting a fire in a designated area. If the weather is good, trips to the cliffs for a few days and spending the night outdoors are very popular.

Of course, there are many more rules of appropriate behavior, but climbers are a community that has its own rules, and it is worth following them to enjoy the sport to the full. So check if you can do it and get going.

In Summary – How Hard Is Rock Climbing?

There are many types of climbing and depending on whether you prefer to climb on a panel climbing hall or a rock in the open air, there is something for everyone. “How hard is rock climbing” may depend mainly on your physical preparation and the skillful use of equipment.

And it is essential if you are going to go outdoors, remember that there are different types of rocks. Depending on the terrain and region, outdoor climbing also means weather conditions, rain, dust, and dirt, so if you want to climb rocks, check if you can do it and go on the road.

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