How Did You Manage To Do A First Pull Up? – (For Beginners)

Are you one of those people who have been bouldering or climbing for a short time and are wondering what exercises will still be helpful here? Then you’ve come to the right place because in this article we’ll look at how did you manage to do the first pull up? Pull-ups on a bar are quite important as we are then training the muscles that are important when climbing.

So how did you manage to do your first pull up? It is important to achieve right arm strength, good technique, and above all training. Start with a few repetitions and gradually increase the intensity.

How to learn to pull yourself up on a bar?

Both strength and proper technique will be important here, anyone who starts climbing or bouldering must start with a matching scale of difficulty. To begin with, we start with easy routes and holds that will get us used to this specific sport. It is also worth noting what sports activities will be helpful here to train your body properly.

Combining exercises such as pull ups with push-ups, tummies, and squats, we can perform a complete workout at home. However, pull-ups belong to difficult exercises and beginners usually have problems with them. You should warm up your wrists, elbows, and shoulders before you start to pull up. Here is a diagram of what to do:

1) Pull up on a bar with a grip, grab the bar at shoulder height, and perform about 6-8 repetitions. Rest for 40-60 seconds.

2) Pull up on a bar, engage biceps in this exercise, perform 6-8 repetitions, then rest for 40-60 seconds.

3) Pull up with hands wide apart, which involves the broadest back muscles more, perform about 6-8 repetitions, and rest for 40-60 seconds.

4) Lower your body and slows down. Perform 6-8 repetitions. Rest for approx. 3 minutes.

Of course, these few rules will make sense if we perform them regularly, only then we can expect results. You may then be surprised yourself how you managed to do your first pull up.

how did you manage to do a first pull up
how did you manage to do a first pull up

Strength or technique, which is more important at the beginning?

Sometimes as many people as many opinions, what is more, important to start with strength or technique? It depends mainly on the physical conditions of the person, in general, the right proportion between weight and strength is important in climbing. So strength, or technique, is equally important.

Some people have it easier at the beginning because of their lower weight. You can’t do without a good technique from a certain level of difficulty. Every sport is healthy and gives a lot of satisfaction, the same goes for climbing or bouldering, the more difficult the route, the more proud we are of having completed it.

What does pulling up on a bar give us?

Sometimes, how you manage to do your first pull-up on a bar depends on the technique you choose to start with. The effects of pull-ups on a bar depending on the choice of a particular technique.

Exercising using a pull-up bar will strengthen your back muscles while using a pull-up bar will strengthen your shoulders. The width of the grip is also very important. Find out how pull-ups improve muscle development and endurance.

In a general sense, this exercise gives effects in the form of strengthening arm muscles (mainly biceps) and the upper part of the back (mainly spine). However, the choice of a particular technique, either a snatch or an underhand grip, changes the degree of muscle involvement during the movement. Even a small change in the distance between your hands or the way you hold the bar can have a major impact on the effects of pull up and exercise.

Many exercises are indicated to strengthen your body when climbing or bouldering, the pull-up bar works well here. And if you are curious about the difference between bouldering and rope climbing, for example, you can read about it here.

Effects of pull up
Effects of pull up

Pull up on a bar, how often to practice?

The effects of pull-up on a bar depend not only on the chosen technique but also on the frequency of training. This has a very significant impact on how successful you were in doing your first pull-up. Our training plan should look more or less like this:

  • Training once a week for 2-4 repetitions – strengthens arm and back muscles without visible muscle mass development
  • Training twice a week for about 8 repetitions – builds muscles without visible sculpting
  • Training two to three times a week for 12 or more repetitions – helps to gain pronounced musculature.

For the exercise to be effective, make sure that the lowering phase is longer than the rising phase. It is when you straighten your arms in the elbow joints that your muscles do the most work, and the length of this phase determines the rate of muscle tissue growth.

In summary – How Did You Manage To Do A First Pull Up? – (For Beginners)

We already know how we should do a proper pull-up and that, depending on the technique, the pull-up improves certain muscle parts more or less. It is one of several exercises that are ideal for bouldering or other types of climbing.

Depending on how often you pull yourself up and what your technique is, how you manage to do your first pull-up may vary over time. With every training, we must remember that the most important thing is regularity, technique, and motivation to continue.

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