How Can I Get My Partner Into Climbing? – (Convince Partner)

Did you ever feel lonely at the climbing gym? Maybe your friends can’t go with you every time you want to do some workout at the gym. If that’s relevant in your case then you should try asking your partner to go with you, but sometimes it can be very hard to convince him, and you think “How can I get my partner into climbing?”. We are here to help you convince your partner and it doesn’t matter if it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Every case is different but we’ll try to cover the most common problems that you can possibly face. The most common causes that your partner won’t want to climb with you can be:

  • Your partner is on a much lower level than you are – He or she doesn’t want to feel ashamed for being bad at this.
  • Your partner can be afraid of heights – It’s a common problem among people when they think about climbing. Being high above the ground can be really scary for most of them, and falling from a tall wall can lead to some injuries, even if they didn’t try this before simply thinking about this can lead to fear, but it’s possible to overcome that issue.
  • When your partner is overweight and realizes that can be a problem – It’s not a secret that light people are way better climbers than those with additional pounds of body fat and it can be the cause for your partner to avoid a sport that he or she will be bad at
  • Your partner simply doesn’t like this sport – If your partner feels that this sport simply doesn’t suit her or him it will be very hard to convince.

Even if you feel that it can be impossible to convince him to climb with you from time to time, then don’t give up, and because we’ve got some great advice for you to try out

How can I get my partner into climbing?
How can I get my partner into climbing?

How can I get my partner into climbing?

At first, you need to think about what can be the reason why he or she doesn’t want to go climbing with you, try to use the points that we have mentioned above, those should help you realize what is relevant in your case. If you can’t figure out the real reason or you are not sure then ask your partner. It should not be a secret and you’re a couple overall so you should talk about your problems together and don’t avoid hard conversations.

If you know the real reason then you are halfway to solving this issue. Let’s put the things that we have mentioned above and find a solution to them:

  • Your partner is on a much lower level than you are in climbing – It can be easily solved by showing your partner how it will look for both of you in the climbing gym. That you won’t be competing with each other and that you will gladly guide him to become a better climber.
  • He or she can be afraid of heights – To overcome a common fear like being afraid of heights you will need to start with something small, and fortunately climbing has something great for it, and it’s called “Bouldering” also known as a “Rock climbing”. If you will do this in the indoor gym, then the wall won’t be taller than 13 feet which is the average of a bouldering wall. Bouldering should solve your “being afraid of heights” problem.
  • Being overweight is a big disadvantage in climbing – it unfortunately is, but you should let know your partner that climbing gyms have a grading system, that will suit every level. Also climbing is a great and fun way to lose some additional body fat because it changes your mindset to think of it like “Losing weight will improve my climbing skills a ton” and it’s true.
  • Your partner doesn’t like this kind of sport – It’s the most difficult one, but try to show your partner the benefits of climbing, or the positive things about it, like losing weight, gaining muscles or challenging yourself.

The most important thing that can convince your partner is to simply give it a try at least once. Even if your partner has seen climbers on youtube, and that can be very sad to reject climbing because of some small fragment of a video on the internet, so convince him or her to give it one quick try, then you will be able to show your partner what you love about this sport.

climbing wall
climbing wall

Remember that it all depends on the personality of your partner. Some will be convinced after 5 minutes and for some, it will take months. So make sure that you will be showing your partner everything that you love about climbing because that can be your only chance.

Also, note that forcing someone to do what you want them to do is something bad, so after your hard tries your partner still won’t like it then will have to accept that fact.

In summary – How can I get my partner into climbing?

It won’t be an easy task but showing your partner what you love in this sport is a great way, but first, you should find the reason why he or she doesn’t want to climb with you, then solve that issue following our instructions from above. Even if everything will fail then you shouldn’t regret that you have tried convincing your partner, because you did what you could!

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