Can You Go Bouldering With Fake Nails? – (For Beginners)

If you’ve heard of bouldering and are interested in the sport, you’ve probably wondered at least once if can you go bouldering with fake nails? After all, it’s not that obvious, and if you want to try your hand at the sport you need to take a few things into consideration.

So, can you go bouldering with fake nails? Unfortunately, for your own and others’ safety, you should not climb with artificial nails, especially long ones. Remember that it is also an extreme sport and a few important rules should be followed, which we will describe below.

Is bouldering for everyone?

Bouldering is a particularly demanding and spectacular type of climbing, which attracts many people of all ages. Are there any age restrictions? As it is a very demanding sport, you need to be aware that you need fitness, strength, and motor coordination.

Anyone who starts the sport from the basics, i.e. from the easiest routes through more difficult ones, is able to improve their condition and acquire new skills. It is a sport for men, women, and children, of course, the sooner you start, the faster your body will get used to the specifics of bouldering.

What do we need to watch out for when climbing?

In every climbing hall or bouldering center, there are regulations that describe the most important information. Whether it’s about safety or how to behave while climbing. Every person in the climbing hall should get acquainted with these rules in order to avoid accidents. Important issues include:

  • Don’t block the possible place of a fall, bouldering is climbing without rope belaying and the only protection against a fall are so-called crash pads or soft mattresses. They cushion our fall, but we have to pay attention to the fact that there is no one standing above us, often it happens that we don’t know at which moment we will fall off the wall.
  • Check the place of your jump, people who are on the wall should also check if the area below them is empty. Be careful not to hurt anyone by falling to the floor when you jump.
  • Take off your jewelry and tie up your long hair to avoid getting caught on the log, remember that jewelry is not only uncomfortable but mainly dangerous when climbing.
  • Long nails, unfortunately, ladies must remember that with this specific sport our hands and nails are constantly exposed to irritation or cuts. I know what I’m talking about because I have been fascinated by this sport for several years, and long nails make it difficult to get a good grip, and they break a lot.
  • Report broken grips, if you notice a broken or loose grip in the bouldering area, report it to the staff to prevent potential accidents.
  • Watch out for children, bouldering is very popular with children, but adults should always pay attention to them. Keep yourself and others safe.

Whether it is your first time at the bouldering center or you go regularly, you must always remember these important rules. It is an extreme sport and unfortunately, it sometimes causes injuries and accidents, although it may happen in every sport. In this article, you can read some interesting reasons why you should start bouldering.

can you go bouldering with fake nails
Can you go bouldering with fake nails?

What are the benefits of climbing for women?

We already know that climbing can be for everyone, and we also know the answer to whether can you go bouldering with fake nails. Is bouldering a sport for women, and what positive effects does it have?

If we look at the silhouettes of the best climbers and rock climbers, we see the bodies of athletes with beautifully sculpted muscles, solid musculature, and an iron grip. Bouldering is therefore an alternative to the gym, where the whole body is exercised.

Women, in bouldering, even have it easier at times due to their lighter weight and body stretch. Bouldering is all about exercising with your own body weight, the lighter the weight, the easier it is to overcome obstacles and routes.

Women in bouldering, in order to improve their performance and raise their level, should additionally practice other sports. This can include cardio, stretching, interval training, or yoga.

Bouldering with fake nails a bad idea?

Bouldering is a rather demanding and specific sport. In order to fully enjoy climbing, in addition to observing safety rules, equipment must be kept in mind. Among other things, you will need special climbing shoes, comfortable clothing, and magnesia. Ladies must also remember not to climb with loose hair or long nails.

Our safety and the safety of others are crucial; sometimes we can get injured or cut despite following the rules. Bouldering is an extreme sport with a possibility of injury, everyone who wants to take interest in this sport should be aware of that.

In Summary – Can you go bouldering with fake nails?

Recently, bouldering or indoor climbing has become increasingly popular. It is a sport for everyone who likes power sports and overcoming their weaknesses or fears, such as fear of heights. Children and adults of all ages can try their hand at bouldering; it has a positive effect on our body, motor coordination, and even dexterity. Ladies need to keep a few extra nail issues in mind.

So is it possible, can you to go bouldering with fake nails? Not exactly a good idea, as long nails can make it difficult to grip handholds, so make sure to prepare your nails before visiting any climbing gym.

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