Are Women Climbers Attractive? – (We Asked Men About This!)

A lot of women in 2022 are thinking about their looks, even if they do not say it directly most women do care what other people want to say about them, and there is nothing wrong with it! Especially if you are doing sports that are going to make you look bulkier, that’s why a lot of women climbers would like to know “Are women climbers attractive?”, or “Do guys like muscular women?”, and many other questions we will answer in this article so stay with us!

Recently you could notice our polls that were related to this topic, we also did additional research just to make sure that we will give you the best possible answers. About 78% of men do think that women climbers are attractive, but it is a bit complicated when it comes to telling why they like them.

Why do men like women climbers?

It’s not as easy as it looks, because most men who said that they like women climbers, they’ve just said that they like when a girl does any type of sport, without knowing much about climbing, that’s the answer that we’ve got from our research, but from our poll that we’ve done on our website, the results are a bit different.

Our site is designed for climbers so almost all of us here know at least something about climbing, and what women climbers look like, so from our poll about 62% of climbers said that they consider women climbers to be attractive, but why is the percentage lower in this case?

Are women climbers attractive?
Are women climbers attractive?

It’s most likely due to the fact our viewers are more into climbing than the average guy on the internet. And to prove that, we also asked our viewers to tell us why they think that women climbers are attractive or not.

People who said that women climbers are attractive pointed out:

  • They like muscular women
  • They love the idea to share the same passion with a girl
  • They love strong and hard-working women

People who said that women climbers are not attractive pointed out:

  • They don’t like muscular women
  • Women climbers can’t have long nails.
  • Women climbers have bulky hands
  • Women climbers have often rough skin
  • They think that women climbers are not girly enough

As we can see both sides have pretty good reasons, but still most people said that they think about women climbers positively.

Why men like women climbers?
Why do men like women climbers?

Do guys like muscular women?

Many studies show how muscles are respected in our society, especially in 2022 when the trend for being muscular is upwards. Muscles are a symbol of:

  • Good health
  • Scrupulousness
  • Good mental condition
  • A great potential candidate for a partner

Those aspects are very visible in the USA where a lot of people struggle with being overweight which helps fit people to shine even brighter amongst other people.

The case is not relevant only for men, but also for women. Guys don’t like to talk about their fetishes if they are not very common or a bit weird, for example thinking that muscular women are attractive.

 Do guys like muscular women?
Do guys like muscular women?

Muscles look great on women as well as they look on men. The only important issue here is when a girl is more muscular than a man, which can give him a sign that he lacks something, but that situation is very rare due to our difference in testosterone which is created by our bodies. Men’s bodies do create more testosterone than women’s bodies, so it is harder for women to gain muscle mass.

Women’s bodies usually produce about 5% – 10% of the amount of testosterone in relation to men’s bodies. So the popular statement that only men can produce testosterone is false.

In summary – Are women climbers attractive?

Muscles are commonly known for getting attention. It doesn’t really matter if a man or woman is muscular because there are a lot of guys who think that muscular women are attractive but they won’t easily admit that, because that fetish is not commonly used in 2022 society. Maybe after some years, it will be more common but for now, men at least admit that they like “Fit women” which is something in the right direction.

Even Female bodybuilders are adored, and they are the definition of muscular women, but you don’t need to go that far, because climbing won’t give you that much muscle mass, which can be good for some of us. If you want to know more about people who are climbers and also are attractive then you should check out our new article “Are Climbers Attractive? – (Flirting Tips For Climbers)“. That will give you the general look from both perspectives also with some tips to flirt with climbers!

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