Are Climbers Attractive? – (Flirting Tips For Climbers)

We’ve recently visited the streets of new york to ask people what they think about climbers. We asked women and men to get the best results. One of the questions was “Are climbers attractive?”, that was our main question and we will show you the statistics, and what different people think about climbers, We will also give you some tips on how you can flirt as a climber, but for now let’s give you a short answer to the topic.

Women when asked about climbers, about 43% said that men climbers are attractive to them and they would like to date them, Another 39% said that they’ve never tough about it, or they are neutral to this topic and only about 18% said that they don’t consider male climbers to be attractive due to some reasons, and if you want to know more about those reasons then keep reading.

Are climbers attractive?
Are women climbers attractive?

For now, let’s talk from a different perspective, the men’s perspective. About 57% of men said that climbing women are attractive, another 34% said that they’ve never thought about it, and only 9% said that they don’t think women climbers are attractive.

We all can agree that people tend to talk positively about sports and people that are doing them, but many of the people that we’ve asked gave us different answers and we will show them to get more details and understand that situation.

Are men climbers attractive?

As we said above women are less likely to speak positively about men climbers, than men about women climbers, but that’s a common trend in any aspect of our lives. Women are less likely to talk about adoring someone without thinking about it first.

When we asked “why women think that men climbers are attractive” they mostly said things like:

  • Men climbers are tall on average
  • Men climbers tend to be fit shaped
  • Men climbers look hot while they are climbing
  • Men climbers have visible sixpack abs

But unfortunately, we have to speak about that 18% of women who said that don’t think male climbers are attractive. Here are things that women mentioned as to why they don’t like male climbers:

  • Tall guys are scary
  • Destroyed, huge hands
  • Women don’t want men to be more skinny than she is

We can disagree with some of those, but those are the things they’ve said as a reason. For example, climbers are taking so much care of their hands because that will give them better friction on the handholds, so I highly disagree with “destroyed hands”. If you want to know more about climbers’ hands and if they are really that fatigued then check out our new article “Is bouldering bad for my hands?“.

are men climbers attractive
Are men climbers attractive?

Are women climbers attractive?

About 57% of men which we asked “Are women climbers attractive?” answered positively to that question, so it’s an even greater number than what women said about men. That’s a psychological topic, but men are more likely to talk positively about things that they just like a little, and they feel confident about it.

The most often reasons for the attractivity of female climbers we got:

  • Men like girls with muscles and women climbers are buffed
  • Women climbers have a slim and fit body with long legs

Only 9% of men answered negatively to that question and the most common reason for that was that they don’t like when girls have visible muscles. So everything depends on the perspective because muscles were mentioned as advantageous and also disadvantageous.

Note that only 9% dislike women because of visible muscles, and way more people pointed out it as an attractive thing, so we would advise you to aim for visible muscles.

Flirting tips for climbers

Climbers should use their assets and match with things from the list above, so for example, if women are attracted to climbers’ muscles then you can show some of them more often, like wearing a tight t-shirt or tank top to show your climber’s arms.

Women and men also said many things about how great it is to see someone doing extreme sports activities, and being dedicated to it. So you can try to talk with passion about climbing, and maybe you will find a new partner for your climbing sessions.

As a climber, you are already doing way more than normal people. Because average people don’t do a lot except partying with friends or playing video games, you can use climbing as a topic to talk about. Also if you do outdoor climbing, you can talk about your trips to the forest, or mountains, which should be something easy to talk about for normal people.

In conclusion – Are climbers attractive?

Almost every sports activity is great because they will let you develop muscles and get a fit-shaped body, which can attract people to you. Your passion can be always a great topic to talk about because another person will get information about what you have been doing to get that body. The body is only one little step to finding your future partner, and you still need to impress that person with your charisma, being funny or smart.

So don’t focus too much on your body but use your speech if you really want to date that person. We hope that you don’t have any doubts about the “are climbers attractive” topic. We can only wish you good luck!

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